3 Steps to Perfect your Digital Ready Culture for Digital Transformation

Posted on: 8 June 2021

So, you’re a traditional company thinking about undergoing a digital transformation to stay current. You have new goals for your business, you want to branch out and progress in ways that you have not done before. You’ve heard and read bits and pieces about digital transformation but you’re not sure where to begin, then this article is for you!

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is when an organisation re-thinks how it uses technology, people and processes to change up and better business performance.

Where to start?

A robust digital culture is essential during a process of digital transformation and innovation, it will help facilitate the acquisition of new digital skills amongst team members to better the digital environment in which they work. Moving your traditional, paper-based processes to digital processes will have long term benefits for your company as a whole (the list is endless, that’s going to be a whole other article).

There are three main steps to building a digital ready culture –

1. Articulate – We must define what perfect looks like, set out goals and KPIs, when an organisation clearly defines the behaviours that matter and their employees adhere to them, they can build a strong culture and are more likely to reap results e.g. the team must be collaborative, customer-centric, forward thinking, innovative. Set the standard of what you expect and make it known to all employees.

2. Activate – How do me make it happen? You want to activate those characteristics previously identified and empower employees to embed them in their every day working lives. All high-performing cultures require robust leadership and engaged employees. In digital ready cultures, teams need to act autonomously and exercise judgment. Leaders, wherever they are in the hierarchy must live and breathe these behaviours.

3. Align – This is key, it’s easy to set out what we think is good and show everyone how to do so, but our leaders must reinforce the digital culture regularly. Because a digital transformation represents a departure from the way a traditional business operates, companies typically test it using a pilot program run by the very best leaders. A good way to do this is through new performance review criteria’s as well their areas of accountability. Lean and agile steps can help with this e.g. build-measure-learn method to discover and continuously improve the effectiveness of current products/services plus using agile boards so the teams can visually see progress which helps to maintain momentum.

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