Obbi combines key departments into one easy to use platform

Obbi is a revolutionary cloud based integrated Compliance, Productivity & Risk Management platform which digitally transforms paper or manual processes into an automated workflow to save companies Time, Money & Mitigate Risk.


Human Resources

“We do a mix of online training, classroom training and toolbox talks training for lots of employees. It can be hard to keep on top of it all, especially ensuring everyone’s training is up to date”

“The time, cost and administrative burden to distribute and ensure compliance of all policies and procedures is relentless!”


  • Keep employees happy, engaged and turnover low
  • Improve standards throughout the team
  • Keep all staff certifications & training up to date
  • Communicate effectively with all employees and teams


  • Getting all tasks & training is completed on time
  • Rolling out and signing off new policies or procedures, especially in remote locations
  • Keeping on top of paperwork, identifying issues & producing reports
  • Remembering training expiry dates

How we help

  • Make it easy to manage all induction, training, policies & procedures in one place
  • We provide engagement tools for all staff, accessible on any smart device.
  • Distribute policies to any staff member, anywhere for digital sign off
  • Automatic alerts & reminders for everyone


We struggle to manage the paperwork and certificates around our people, processes and equipment to ensure everything is compliant, 100% of the time”

“I need our employees to be as productive as they can be, its hard to manage with the amount of paperwork we’ve to fill in every week.”


  • Drive productivity whilst ensuring safety and compliance
  • Ensure SOPs are met, and products are made correctly
  • Ensure property, machinery and the workplace is compliant and safe
  • Create a happy and effective workforce
  • Manage all staff and sub-contractors on site


  • Getting 100% of tasks done on time
  • Managing checks, audits and quality of work on any shift
  • Communicate effectively with everyone including non-desk based & remote employees
  • Staying compliant to ISO/HSE & Governing bodies
  • The time burden of admin

How we help

  • Set proactive reminders for anyone, anytime on any check, compliance or training and be alerted of missed or expired processes and certificates
  • Use analytical dashboard to measure efficiency
  • Communication tools to reach all employees especially those without company emails
  • Obbi cuts admin time, meaning you can spend your time on business-critical tasks

Health & Safety

“Employees are not desk-based, communication can he hard to ensure everyone gets the message accurately”

“It’s difficult to distribute, record and manage all policies and procedures for everyone especially with remote locations and extensive workforce ”

“The ability to ensure 100% compliance with my people, processes and property can prove difficult”


  • To reduce risk and accidents in all sites
  • To ensure full safety of equipment and surroundings for staff
  • To comply to ISO & Governing standards
  • Proactively improve standards


  • Communicating with non-desk based or remote employees
  • Staying on top of regulations and compliance
  • Timely and accurate accident reporting and case management
  • Managing the paperwork to ensure compliance

How we help

  • Instantly report all incidents and accidents on any smart-enabled device with alerts to managers
  • Input corrective actions on audits and allocate these issues to any individual or team
  • Communication tools and instant messaging service with employees on all sites and proactive alerts

Obbi is made for HR, Operations, H&S and Compliance teams who have or are…

Quality Focused

Companies who are focused on driving productivity and quality of products, services, standards and their team

Risk to Life & Limb

People who have a high risk to life and limb with their work and strong safety culture throughout the organisation

Manual Workers

Any non-desk -based workers who have limited access to computers and labour intensive roles

Remote Workers

Companies with multi sites in different locations where collecting information centrally can be challenging

Governing & Compliance

Companies and workers who must comply to governing standards both internal & external e.g. ISO

Paper-based Processes

Companies who are heavily focused on paper-based processes including checks, audits, record keeping, SOP’s etc

High Staff Turnover

Companies with high staff turnover rates who want to streamline onboarding and increase staff retention

Talent Development

Companies who are dedicated to constant training and development of staff from induction onwards

Increase Engagement

Drive engagement and make learning fun with our gamification score logs – employees can compete against each other to achieve badges and recognition

You’re in great company

See what our clients say about us

“Obbi has transformed our processes, slashing our induction time by over 60% and opened up our staff to a new way of thinking”

Decora Obbi Solutions Client

Barry Hughes

Decora Blinds Director

“Obbi provides clients with risk management, training, data collection and an auditing programme, which will greatly assist in the reduction of workplace accidents, as well as reducing the client’s exposure.”

mark clifford health ans safety obbi

Mark Clifford


“We see significant synergy with our Risk Management service and will be pleased to introduce Obbi to our client base and network of independent insurance firms across the UK”

willis insurance

Richard Willis

Managing Director at Willis Insurance

“Through Obbi’s unique passport learning system, instant gamification and digital notice board contributed to a year on year increase in staff retention of over 22%”

choice hotels obbi

Natalie Rodrigues

HR Manager at Choice Hotels

“Obbi has eradicated 75% of the admin burden and decreased the time taken to deliver mandatory training by 30%, giving valuable time back to our team who can use it to focus on providing first-class care”

Decora Obbi Solutions Client

Christine Thompson

Regional Nurse Manger at Macklin Care Homes

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