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Obbi combines Management, Green Keeping & Hospitality departments into one easy to use platform

A turn-key integrated Golf Club management platform for Compliance, Safety and Operations bespoke to your Club. Obbi golf comes ready loaded with best-practice content including policies and procedures, risk assessments, safe operating procedures, training materials, accident reports and much more.



“We have quite a few high risk jobs and tasks on the golf course, so we need to make sure our staff are fully up to date with their training not only for SOPs and quality reasons, but to mitigate risk ”

“The time, cost and administrative burden to distribute and ensure compliance of all policies and procedures to internal staff and third-party contractors is relentless!”


  • Improve quality and standards, ensure staff are recording incidents and accidents correctly
  • All staff are competent in their job and fully trained, with training up to date
  • Make sure all policies, procedures and contracts are signed by all internal and external staff
  • Proactively mitigate risk, reduce injuries and claims


  • Getting all tasks & training is completed on time
  • Rolling out and signing off new policies or procedures, especially in remote locations
  • Keeping on top of paperwork, identifying issues & producing reports
  • Keeping track of third-party contractors and ensuring they comply and understand company policies whilst on site

How we help

  • Timely & accurate incident, accident and complaints reporting including case management
  • Automatic alerts & reminders for everyone about staff training
  • Distribute policies to any staff member, including third-party contractors, anywhere for digital sign off, reminders for when they are due to expire
  • Identify gaps & make improvements in your people, processes and equipment. Assign corrective actions to any team member.

Green Keeping

“Being on the green most of the time, we find filing and paperwork takes up more time than it should”

“We have lots of third-party contractors who come to the club who need to be adherent of club policies and procedures”

“As incidents and accidents happen, we need to be able to record them as soon as possible for risk mitigation and claims defensibility”


  • Keep track of all expiring certificates, audits and checks
  • Stay compliant with internal and external governing bodies and standards
  • Make sure the Golf Club is safe for all staff and visitors including all machinery and facilities maintenance
  • Have all documentation for audits and checks easily available.


  • Very little time for paper work activities because they are always on the go
  • Not office based, meaning it can be hard to keep track of expiring certificates, training, audits and checks
  • Accident and incident reporting when something happens on the golfing green, no paper incident forms around
  • Having audits, checks, risk, incident, accident and SOP lists readily available.

How we help

  • Full machine maintenance & risk management whilst proactively delivering & driving safety standards for staff, members & visitors.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements with automatic audit alerts & proactive reminders for expiring documents and training
  • Our team of golfing experts and connections with some of the top clubs in the country has resulted in us creating a full turn-key solution loaded with content


“It’s a tricky task keeping track of all of our paperwork whilst running a busy kitchen and restaurant, we know the importance of it but sometimes time can run away with you and paperwork and filing is pushed to the bottom of the list. Which isn’t ideal when the HSE inspector calls looking for our COSHH records”

“Our team aren’t based at computers nor do they have company emails so it can be difficult to distribute new company policies and SOPs”

“We have lots of part-time and casual staff, keeping track on expiry dates for mandatory training can be hard”


  • Ensure all members of staff are fully inducted and trained, including casual, part-time and full-time
  • Stay compliant with all governing standards and internal SOPs
  • Have easy communication with staff members on the floor
  • Keep track of all mandatory processes and have full oversight of what has been done, and what is expiring or outstanding


  • Keeping track of all employees training, especially those who come in on a casual basis
  • Reporting and filing of mandatory processes such as COSHH and temperature checks, paper work can sometimes get misplaced
  • Distributing new SOPs, company policies and announcements to all staff

How we help

  • Deliver and record training easily to every member of the team including casuals and part time
  • Ensure SOPs & safe working Procedures including food hygiene standards are met by everyone
  • Record key mandatory processes such as temperature and legionella checks or COSHH
  • Easily communicate with all staff who aren’t office based

Obbi is made for Management, Green Keepers and Hospitality teams who have or are…

Quality Focused

Clubs who are focused on quality of products, services, team and delivering the highest standards across all departments

Health & Safety Focused

Clubs who proactively manage all health and safety risk assessments from the kitchen to greenkeeping.

Manual Workers

Don’t waste time stuck at your desk filling out forms or audits on the computer –  do it on the go with Obbi from your mobile device. 

HR & Staff Training

Easily manage contracts & onboarding, training, staff engagement, communications and records management for all staff.

Governing Standards

Clubs & teams who must comply to governing standards both internally & externally including COSHH, ISO, safety or your own internal standards.

Paper-based Processes

Clubs who struggle with paper-based processes including checks, audits, record keeping, SOP’s etc.

Incident Management

Should something go wrong, clubs can instantly record & manage any incident, accident or near miss across the club including the kitchen, course or car park.

Third-party Contractors

Management of risk assessments and SOPs to ensure third party contractors adhere to club policies.

COVID Compliant

We recognise that whilst things are getting better, we have to still do our part to manage COVID risk so we have an automated daily register that staff can complete before they start work.

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“Obbi Golf is by far the best golf club management platform I have experienced. It is extremely easy to integrate into existing work systems and takes away the heavy lifting from managers and staff in operations, compliance and health & safety. It holds every member of staff to account and ensures that every aspect of the club is managed seamlessly. ”

Belvoir Golf Club Obbi

Brendan McDermott

General Manager, Belvoir Park Golf Club

“Obbi Golf will revolutionize the Golf Club management industry, it provides a brilliant solution to the main pain points of a club and will make any Gold Club Managers life easier – I wish it had of been invented years ago! ”

castlerock golf club obbi

Bert McKay

General Manager, Castlerock Golf Club

“We see significant synergy with our Risk Management service and will be pleased to introduce Obbi to our client base and network of independent insurance firms across the UK”

Decora Obbi Solutions Client

Richard Willis

Managing Director at Willis Insurance

“Obbi provides clients with risk management, training, data collection and an auditing programme, which will greatly assist in the reduction of workplace accidents, as well as reducing the client’s exposure.”

mark clifford health ans safety obbi

Mark Clifford

Health & Safety Consultant

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