Support Services Policy

  1. Support Services

1.1 The Support Services offer customer a supported environment during the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 (UK) (excluding bank and public holidays in Northern Ireland) (“Support Hours”). Additional support coverage and services can be purchased from Obbi Solutions.

1.2 The key actions of the parties to be performed in relation to the Support Services are as follows:

Stages of Support Service:
Responsibility: Key Actions:

1/ Customer Incident Analysis Customer • Incident analysis
• Incident resolution where possible; otherwise, escalation to Stage 2 by means of logging an error notice with Obbi Solutions

2/ Obbi Solutions Incident Analysis Obbi Solutions Contact customer and validate error and resolve error if possible; otherwise, agree incident Severity Classification with customer in accordance with Severity Classification table below

3/ Maintenance Services Obbi Solutions

Customer • Validate error notice or request further information
• Schedule error resolution based on Severity Classification

• Test and implement resolution

1.4 Severity Classification:

Severity Classification:

A Error that is preventing customer’s operational use (or significant functionality)

B Use is significantly impaired or restricted due to Error that, while not preventing, is severely degrading customer's operational use

C Error that either occurs rarely or for which a viable workaround is available

D Error causing little or no impact upon operational use

1.5 Maintenance Service:

Subject to agreement on the Severity Classification of the error, Obbi Solutions will use all reasonable endeavours to respond to and fix (including by means of workaround, temporary fix or bypass procedures) errors within the target timescales set out in the table below:

Severity Classification:
Target Response Time: Target Fix Time:

A Within 4 Support Hours Within 12 Support Hours

B Within 4 Support Hours Within 24 Support Hours

C To be targeted for next upgrade To be targeted for next upgrade

D To be targeted for future upgrade based on relative priority To be targeted for future upgrade based on relative priority

Where a workaround or bypass procedures has/have been provided, a fix will be targeted for the next upgrade.

1.6 Measuring Service Levels:

The target timescales specified in paragraph 1.5 above shall commence upon either the validation by Obbi Solutions of an error notice or receipt by Obbi Solutions of all further information requested to validate an error notice (whichever is the later) and shall continue during the Support Hours.

1.7 Remote Incident Analysis:

The customer will as part of the Support Services allow Obbi Solutions remote access to equipment for the purposes of remote incident analysis and diagnosis, the means of such remote access to be agreed between the parties. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the correct hardware, communications and licenses are in place and that such remote diagnostic service is secure and complies with any data protection requirements or legislation. Failure to provide such access may impact upon the target fix times.

1.8 On-Site Support Services:

The Support Services do not include on-site Support Services. Any on-site services shall be provided by Obbi Solutions on a time and materials charging basis plus expenses and shall be payable by the customer monthly in arrears.

  1. Exclusions

Obbi Solutions shall not be obliged to provide the Support Services in respect of: (a) software, accessories, attachments, machines, systems or other devices which were not supplied by Obbi Solutions; or (b) any error caused by: (i) any modification, variation or addition to the supported environment by or on behalf of the customer, or (ii) use of the service other than in accordance with the release documentation and user documentation (if any) supplied by Obbi Solutions, or (iii) use of the service in combination with any equipment or software not supplied or approved by Obbi Solutions, or (iv) data migration or data provided by third parties.

  1. Additional Charges for Support Services

3.1 Obbi Solutions may at its discretion charge Licensee on a time and material charging basis plus expenses for the following: (a) if the incident reported is not related to the Supported Software; (b) if Obbi Solutions agrees to carry out the Support Services in respect of any item excluded in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Schedule; (c) migration of the Supported Software to an alternative operating system or platform; (d) if the Error is caused by Licensee’s failure to install a maintenance Upgrade provided by Obbi Solutions which corrects such Error; (d) installation, user acceptance testing and/or implementation of a maintenance Upgrade (subject to availability of personnel); or (e) if Licensee fails or delays in fulfilling any obligation on its part in this Schedule.

3.2 The additional costs and expenses specified in paragraph 3.1 of this Schedule shall be payable by Licensee monthly in arrears.

  1. Licensee Obligations

4.1 The successful and timely performance by Obbi Solutions of the Support Services is dependent upon the customer’s prompt performance and observance of the following: (a) the customer agrees to appoint and maintain suitably qualified employees to be the sole points of contact for requesting and receiving the Support Services (each, a “Support Services Contact”); (b) the customer agrees that each Support Services Contact shall: (i) be authorised to make any binding decisions for the customer with regard to the Support Services, including any change to the Support Services or other variation; and (ii) provide Obbi Solutions with all information concerning the customer’s operations and activities which may be required by Obbi Solutions for the performance of the Support Services; and (c) the customer shall ensure that the operators and managers of the supported environment are properly trained, operate the supported environment to proper standards and comply with Obbi Solutions’ reasonable advice in connection with the use and operation of the supported environment.