Digital Onboarding – if you aren’t onboard, you need to be. Here’s why…

Posted on: 28 May 2021

Ok, time to use your imagination. Imagine you start your first day in your new job eager and keen (slightly nervous too but that’s ok). You begin your company induction only to find out there is little to no training in place and you are left to sink or swim – panic kicks in, right?

Or how about you start your first day and your company induction last for two full days of long, overwhelming information sessions, it’s all too much to take in and you start to feel rather unsettled about your new job.

Both scenarios are SO common, and they are a big contributor to high staff turnover rates. That is why it is extremely important to get that onboarding process perfected to begin with and get the balance right between too much & too little. The key to finding this balance is with digital onboarding.

Traditional onboarding processes might be favoured by your team at the moment but digital onboarding has so many advantages!

  • Reduce your onboarding time by up to 62% – your new employees aren’t wasting time filling out paperwork and with digital onboarding, they can even start the process remotely!
  • Reduce the costs of onboarding – it requires less in-person training time and eradicates the need for paper – streamlined, efficient and environmentally friendly – win win!
  • Management is given automatic oversight of who has completed the entire process and who hasn’t instead of looking for signed training sheets (which may have got lost).
  • Everything is stored securely in the cloud – and available at the touch of a button.
  • All onboarding info can be easily updated in line with new rules and regulations and the most up to date versions of policies and forms are available, helping the employer stay compliant with legally required forms.
  • It can integrate with your current systems for HR and time and attendance