The Problem

Organisations are losing Time, Money and have increased Risk around their People, Processes and Safety

They’re dependent on paper, spreadsheets & unconnected systems in key departments of HR, Operations, Facilities, Health & Safety and Compliance.

Departments work in silos for large parts with key information not readily available to the right people at the right time.


The Solution

Obbi’s integrated suite of guardians connects key departments to save time, money and mitigate risk

Digitally transform your paper or manual processes into an automated workflow, making your life easier, safer and more compliant.


Work together with ease

Obbi is unique because it connects key departments like HR, Health & Safety and Operations and empowers all teams to proactively deliver and record all company standards, safely and efficiently through Obbi’s integrated suite of Guardians.

  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Health & Safety
  • Compliance

Made by Operators, for Operators

Made by Operators for Operators, we understand your pains which is why we made Obbi to address them. Say hello to your all-in-one solution to manage compliance, safety and quality.

We bring Departments Together

Unlike other compliance systems, we fully integrate with your HR, Operations and Safety departments. Giving managers a full oversite at the touch of a button!


Easily integrates with current systems for example your time and attendance platforms and HR Management systems streamlining your business.

Analytic Reporting

With Obbi you get in-depth oversight of your employee’s performance and productivity with analytical reports and insights, ultimately driving quality!

Obbi’s Integrated Suite of Guardians

Unlock the potential in your people, mitigate risk and stay protected when things don’t go as planned, ensure quality and compliance whilst maintaining standards everyday and digitally support a more streamlined certificate management process with our Guardians.

compliance software

Safety Guardian

Mitigating risk & protecting you when things don’t go as planned. All incidents, injuries, accidents or near misses will be stored securely with full case management.


Get all of your paperwork including policies, risk management checks and procedures out to all staff at the touch of a button for digital sign off.


You can instantly access the most up to date info from any smart device, anywhere, at any time showing full historical traceability.

Incident Reporting

Instantly record details and pictures of any incident or accident, anywhere at anytime. Assign corrective actions and alert management instantly.

Risk Mitigation

Identify gaps and make improvements in your people, processes and equipment. Assign corrective actions to any team member.

Improve Standards

Constantly review, refresh and implement new safety measures to improve standards within the workplace.

Case Management

Training records, audits and risk assessments readily available. Stored safely alongside any documentation relating to the progression of the case.


100% oversight of every check of your people, processes and property.
Easily manage any incidents or accidents that could potentially turn into a claim.
Helps with company’s risk management and case mitigation giving you a stronger claims defence should you need it.
Improve H&S Standards – review and implement additional safety measures.

Compliance Guardian

Drives productivity and ensures checks, tasks & audits are completed when required – reducing non compliance, maintaining and increasing safety standards everyday. ​

Tasks & Checklists

Turn those time-consuming paper checklists into smart inspection forms at the touch of a button. Fully accessible at anytime.

Policy Sign Offs

Upload & store documents & policies to distribute to staff in a secure easy to access platform with digital sign off.

Schedules & Alerts

Set the exact alerts and schedules on any check, certificate or training and alert anyone in or outside of the organisation.

Tailored Checklists

Obbi gives your current checklists a digital format exactly how you want it, no need to change anything to fit our system, we work around you.

Governance & Adherence

Ensure effective delivery, recording or reporting on every company process, check or audit to ensure governance & adherence to regulated standards.


Input corrective actions as you are checking them on site for problems that need resolving – you can even allocate these issues to certain team members.


Slash the admin burden of paper-based checks and audits by up to 74%.
Ensure adherence to approved best practice, removing the potential of non-compliance and the impact of human error.
Its unique audit trail, provides specific users with all historic checks and processes.
Have full oversight of outstanding tasks, checks and audits.

Talent Guardian

Digitally deliver on-boarding, automated on-going learning & development, increased employee engagement and productivity whilst reducing employee turnover.​

Content Library

Upload and store documents for every employees to read or sign including policies, procedures, contracts etc. in a secure, easy to access platform.


Upload any training content personalised to your needs and test for learning in both individual settings or teams with blended learning.


Drive engagement and make learning fun with our gamification score logs – employees can compete against each other to achieve badges and recognition.

Automated Onboarding

Fully automate induction and onboarding for all teams. Saving you time and money on admin and getting staff productive quicker.


A digital notice board and instant messaging for employees making communication easier and safer – staying GDPR compliant.


Helping every employee fulfil obligations with automatic alerts, tailored to your exact requirements reporting right up to management dashboards.


Induction time reduced by up to 60% and vastly improves ongoing learning & development.
Training and policies digitised means saving time and money on the admin of the tasks.
Empower your employees to fulfil their own obligations and take ownership of their learning with tailored alerts.
Engagement tools for all staff, accessible on any smart device.

Certificate Guardian

Store, review and set automatic reminders when action is needed for key business certificates including property, training records & equipment.

Digitise Documentation

Digitally record, recover & automatically alert the right people about all VIP documents.

Notify Employees

Alert the right people about the impact of any associated task which may need renewed or actioned.

Set Reminders

Set personalised expiration and reminders on any document such as certificates, licences or even contracts to anyone at any time.

Stay Compliant

Don’t risk non-compliance and missing those required certificates when getting inspected by ISO/HSE or Governing bodies.


View analytical reports and management overviews with the ability to export onto a csv/xls – easy oversight!

Asset Management

Track, manage and store important information for each asset, easily accessible from any smart-device.


Never miss an expired certificate, licence or contract again with Obbi’s unique alert reminder platform.
Full trackability on all certificate management instantly.
Have full oversight and control of all asset management.
Information on all certificates readily available at the touch of a button, any time, anywhere.

New Release
COVID Guardian

Mitigate risk through recording on and off site digital covid questionnaires, cleaning schedules, remote training and distribution of any policy and procedure.

Contact one of our expert team members to see how the new COVID Guardian can help your organisation.

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